Happy ending for Leo

Happy ending for Leo

This is Leo. And this is what was obstructing Leo’s intestines!

Leo was in with us a for a while with intermittent vomiting. he initially improved when he was on a drip and given some pain relief, but eventually proceeded to get worse. After various diagnostic tests, the decision was made to perform an exploratory laparotomy to find the reason for his illness. The remnants of a ‘corn on the cob’ was found at the entrance to his small intestine which was causing a blockage. This was removed and Leo has since made a full recovery. Leo’s human mummy was kind enough to provide some comments about Leo’s treatment:

“The Vet who did his surgery made all the right decisions at the right time to save his life. I don’t think he would be with us today if it wasn’t for her concern and rapid decision making to remove the foreign body. Leo is feeling a lot better now and is going for walks again and wagging his tail. I can’t thank the team of vets enough for saving him”.

What a lovely happy ending for Leo! Glad he is on the mend!